September 20, 2008



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Household – SmartKleen
Everyday’s Household assures you a Total Cleaning Care with safe & sound quality

Concentrated Laundry Detergent (1 Litre)
WM RM42.00 – EM RM44.00

With dual stain-removal action and dual fabric-brightening features that remove tough protein stains while keeping colours bright
~ Anti-reposition agent prevents redeposition of dirt during and after washColour-safe
~ bleaching delivers attractive brightness to laundry after wash

Concentrated Dish Cleaner (1 Litre )
WM RM28.30 – EM RM29.30

Gentle on your hands but hards but hard on your dirty dishes, this ultra-concentrated dish cleaner has herbal anti-bacterial herbs to effectively keep your dishes sparkling clean
~ Provides 5 times more dishwashing solution compared to other brands
~ Contains Aloe Vera to moisturize hands; easy rinsing

Concentrated Floor Cleaner (1 Litre)
WM RM26.00 – EM RM27.00

This ultra-concentrated floor cleaner provides up to 7 times more cleaning solutions than common brands to leave your floor sparkling clean
~ With anti-bacterial and insect-repellent properties
~ Deep cleaning, fast-drying, no-rinse, non-sticky formulation
~ Skin-friendly, even against sensitive infant skin

Primo Cleaner (300g)
WM RM88.00 – EM RM91.00
Latest “Hands Free” multipurpose cleaner solution
This top selling multi-purpose cleaner from Japan works on almost all surfaces and objects. Just dissolve the powder and let it do the work!

~ Simple to use – just dissolve it in water to generate ‘activated’ oxygen that effectively penetrates and gently ‘peels’ dirt and grime off surfaces
~ Disinfects and deodorizes
~ Contains no bleach, fluorescent agents, fragrance, preservatives or drying agents

Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner (2 x 85g)
WM RM24.00 – EM RM25.00

Internationally-patented cleaner that disperses consistent cleaning liquid with 4-in1 function to kill 99% of bacteria, clean, deodorize and emit a pleasant fragrance
~ 3 times more long-lasting than other toilet bowl cleaners
~ Efficient and economical at only RM0.012 per flush
~ Non-corrosive; no staining or polluting of cistern tank or toilet bowl

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