September 19, 2008



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Food & Beverage
Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with
Everyday’s health food & drink

Vinergy (500ml)
WM RM167.00 – EM RM172.00

The earliest health food & drink of mankind, vinegar helps to purify the body, improve digestion and revitalize cells with its multifold trace nutrients
~ Made from organic ingredients like brown rice, fruit and vegetables
~ Fermented for 21 months to fully harness the nutrientsExtremely

~ palatable and aromatic without an astringent aftertaste

O-Yes! Spirulina Cereal

O-Yes! (20 Sachets)
WM RM28.80 – EM RM30.80

A fine blend of organic Elken Spirulina, IG6 Colostrum, brown rice, oats and barley for a full spectrum of health benefits
~ Free from artificial colouring and preservatives
~ Suitable for vegetarians, children and senior citizens

~ HALAL certified

O-Yes! Spirulina Cracker

O-Yes! (25 Sachets)
WM RM22.00 – EM RM23.00

A healthy snack with organic Elken and other nutrients
~ Spirulina content equivalent to 25 tables of Elken Spirulina
~ Fortified with calcium
~ Free from trans-fat, cholesterol, artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives
~ Suitable for vegetarians; HALAL certified

IG6 Colostrum Cookies

IG6 (454g)
WM RM27.00 – EM RM30.00

This all-time favourite is a delicious combination of IG6 Colostrum powder, oats, almonds and added calcium.

Elcafe (20 Sachets)
WM RM27.00 – EM RM28.00

Revitalize your senses and enjoy unparalleled aromatic coffee with a rich flavour, smooth texture and mellow aftertaste
~ 5-in1 instant mix with premium quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans
~ Contains Ginseng, Gingko Biloba Extracts and non-dairy creamer

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